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Welcome to Ferencsik Art Studio Online Gallery!

Our website gives an outline of Ferencsik Árpád artist and company artists' artworks. Characteristic clear colors and shapes are the result of decades of refinig their meticulous art. Our main goal is to ensure a pleasant atmosphere in our customers' homes, may it be a classic or a modern enterieur. Framed oil and frameless modern canvas paintings give esthetic pleasure and quality art value. The paintings have traveled around Europe and have been part of several exhibitions. Our customers and collectors are from different parts of the world. The pictures can be found in our own as well as many other galleries. Here you can browse between picture categories that represent the last 20 years of artwork. Enjoy your time with us!

Important notes
We provide direct contact with the artists and we can arrange personalized, unique orders. Most pictures sold remain uploaded ont he website so similar pictures can be ordered later especially in the case of abstract paintings. Browse our catalogue and tell us which colors and themes match your ideas and what is your desired size for the painting. We will send you a price offer and if you agree we will paint the picture for you and send a photo of it. If you like the photo and decide to buy the artwork we can mail it to you. For special themes and sizes we need a deposit.

Murals and wall artwork
It is an honor and a serious challenge to paint a wall artwork. If you decide to have a real wall painting and not only a tattoo or wallpaper and you desire more in your home than a digital print available at any


large retail store, look at our murals. All of them are unique and special that will add to your home's value. To paint a mural needs weeks so we can match your ideas to our work better during the actual painting. Prices are from 100 euros/m2, depending on the size and the theme Smallest size: 6 m2, Paint: akril. Please, take a photo of the wall where you would like the mural and send it to our e-mail address. Write your ideas about the theme, color etc. and we can construct a sketch which is free of charge. If you are satisfied and decide to order the mural we will need 50% deposit to get started. When the mural is 90% ready we need further 40% of the price and the rest is paid when it is finished. You can restarin from the order any time and only pay the work that has been done.

Shopping and guarantees
If you wish to buy more paintings or organize larger projects (e.g. for hotels, offices) you can ask for or offer a special price. Please indicate the code of the picture (back of picture) and the type of frame in your order (if you would like a different frame please indicate the code of the picture that has the frame you like). We also need your e-mail and phone number for possible adjustments. The price includes frame-, packaging- and delivery costs in Europe. Indicate please your delivery address. We will post the artwork after the price has arrived at out bank account (number indicated below). If for any reason you would like to return the picture, you can do so within 3 workdays. When we get the picture without damage we guarantee to transfer the full amount back.

Gift certificates are available. Just transfer the amount you would like to give as a gift to our account and we will send a gift certificate by mail or e-mail. Please indicate your name on the bank transfer sheet and the name and e-mail or mail address of the person who gets the gift certificate in the e-mail. Also indicate: GIFT CERTIFICATE in your mail.

Contact: Ferencsik Arpad H-7623 Pecs Szilagyi D. u 12.
Tel: 0036-30 283 4084

Bank account:
(EUR): 10918001-00000029-90530037

(HUF): 10918001-00000029-90530006

Tax number: 71057521-1-22

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